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Who is the Student Engagement Team?

Welcome to our Student Engagement Page! The Student Engagement Department at Alliance University is here to help provide an environment where our students can gather together and enjoy themselves as well as have a voice within our institution. Most importantly, we want our students to know they have a place where they belong and can grow in community.

The Student Engagement Department is composed of three student-leadership teams:

  1. Student Government Association (SGA)
  2. Student Engagement team (SE)
  3. Resident Advisory Committee (RAC).

The combined goal of all 3 teams’ is to help cultivate a strong community here at Alliance University! The SE team provides a variety of events for students to participate in and create community. The SGA team’s focus is on being the student body’s voice and advocating on behalf of the student body. The RAC team is composed of two facilitators and residential students to give feedback regarding the residential experience.

What is the Mission Statement for Student Engagement?

The Office of Student Engagement at Alliance University exists to engage the student body through programming and advocacy that builds community, connection with the institution and equips students to change the world.

Student Engagement Coordinator: Micayla Brodish

B.A. Nyack College

Student Engagement Coordinator, Micayla is a 2019 graduate of Nyack College and a current student at Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS).

Micayla strives to always see the potential in those around her and encourage them to see it within themselves and go after it. Micayla loves serving the Nyack College student body as she gets to create a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment to foster growth and community.

Coordinator Email: micayla.brodish@nyack.eduStudent Engagement Email:

Assistant Student Engagement Coordinator: Stephen Locke

BM Vocal Performance  -Nyack College

Graduate Resident Director & Assistant Student Engagement Coordinator, Stephen Locke is an alumni of Nyack College and has served continuously in student development in his undergraduate tenure. He is not only committed to serving his students but to serving the greater community here at Nyack.

Stephen seeks to see our students develop in all major areas of their lives, whilst walking closely with Jesus as they embark on their journey of Higher Learning.

Assistant Coordinator Email:

Student Engagement Assistant: Tara Jean-Charles

B.S. Nyack College

Student Engagement Assistant, Tara Jean-Charles is a 2022 graduate of Nyack College.

Tara enjoys being at Nyack College because of the education, community, and endless opportunities. She has the privilege of assisting Student Engagement plan events and activities that draw the attention of the student body. She enjoys working on the projects with her superiors that make the community and institution stronger.

Support Coordinator for Student Government Association: Vincent Golston

B.S. Nyack CollegeM.A. Nyack College

Support Coordinator for Student Government Association, Vincent Golston is a 2019 graduate of Nyack College and a 2022 graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary.

Vincent loves Nyack’s diversity and the friendships he’s gained over the years. He believes we are more than just a college, we become a family that helps each other and holds each other accountable and wants the best for each other. Vincent also loves the professors at Nyack as they care about your future and they pull the best out of you.

Vincent is also a certified chaplain for the police department in NYC (since 2020). He received his license as a minister in May 2021.

Student Engagement - Nyack College

Here at Alliance University, we are dedicated to giving our students opportunities in leadership that will best equip and prepare them to be leaders in our world and for the works of God. Through acts of service and guidance from our staff, we work to better our students and help them step into the leadership God has called them into. For Student Engagement, we are able to create environments for fellowship and community through student envisioned and produced events. Students also receive scholarships when hired to be in these roles.

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