Emergency Response Summary

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Nyack College has developed an Emergency Operations Plan, the purpose of which is to, in the event of a major emergency or disaster:

  • Save the maximum number of lives, minimize injuries and protect property.
  • Provide direction and resources for Emergency Response Coordinators.
  • Provide information and resources for the campus community.
  • Provide for the timely receipt and rapid dissemination of warning information.
  • Ensure that Nyack College remains viable.
  • Preserve fiscal activities essential for the survival and recovery from the emergency or disaster.

Nyack College shall conduct continuous planning to minimize the risk of personal injury and property loss from emergencies, shall cooperate with governmental agencies charged with disaster control and shall take necessary steps to assure continuity of business operations and restoration of normal activities as soon as possible following an emergency or a disaster.

The following are the objectives of a coordinated response to campus emergencies:

  • More rapid response.
  • More systematic and routine approach.
  • Venue for promptly identifying and supporting College decision makers.
  • System for evaluating all emergencies to improve our responses.
  • Reduced exposure to vicarious liability.
  • Improved management of public information.


This Emergency Operations Plan for Nyack College assigns responsibilities for the development, implementation and maintenance of the plan. The procedures apply to all personnel, facilities and properties owned and operated by Nyack College and include those peripheral areas adjoining Nyack College.

This plan is the basic framework for emergency preparedness. It is not intended to cover every department’s individual needs. Each department will supplement the plan to suit their own needs while remaining in compliance with the plan.

All emergencies and disaster situations share certain commonalities. This plan is designed to operate in any type of emergency or disaster whether natural, technological or civil. Specific actions are further described in the Concept of Operations and will be outlined in functional annexes developed for each operational department.

All requests for procedural changes, suggestions or recommendations should be submitted in writing to the Executive Vice President and Treasurer.


Availability of Outside Assistance

IMPORTANT: These governmental and private resources may not be available immediately following a significant emergency or disaster. Other local towns and businesses may simultaneously be vying for governmental resources. Also, communication and traffic problems may exist that will cause significant delay.

Administrative Structure

The President has designated the Executive Vice President and Treasurer to function as the Plan Executive and Director. If the President is on campus and communications or logistics allow for it, he will participate in all significant decisions.

The Nyack College Emergency Operations Plan is structured around an EOC and Emergency Response Coordinators. Nyack College will provide and manage its own resources when responding to an emergency or disaster. This will be conducted from the EOC during significant emergencies or disasters.

Departments seeking additional resources during an emergency or disaster must work through or receive authorization from the EOC. Typically, the Plan Executive and Director will authorize the request.

During an emergency, those daily functions that do not contribute to the emergency operation may be suspended. The resources usually devoted to routine functions will be redirected to the emergency operations.


To report an emergency, faculty, staff and students should first dial “911” in the event of a life-threatening situation. After this call is made, contact Campus Safety by dialing x7191 from a campus phone or (845) 222-8812 from a private or public phone. The Campus Safety Department will make notifications to all appropriate persons on campus and will notify other emergency and resources units. The Executive Vice President and Treasurer or his designee will determine whether or not to initiate the Emergency Operations Plan and convene the Emergency Response Coordinators. He will also make a decision whether or not to implement the NyackAlert Emergency Notification System.

State of Emergency and Authority to Declare

Whenever an emergency affecting the Nyack College community reaches proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures a State of Emergency may need to be declared. The authority to declare a Campus State of Emergency rests with the President or his designee. The official declaration of an emergency shall authorize the appropriate procedures necessary to respond to the incident and safeguard persons and property and the contingencies outlined in this plan will be implemented.

When a State of Emergency is declared, it may become necessary to restrict access to specific areas on campus to authorized individuals. Only those authorized individuals who have been assigned emergency or resource duties will be allowed to enter the area or building affected by the incident.

In all emergencies, the Campus Safety Department has primary responsibility for immediate response and shall cooperate and coordinate with the College administration as well as local government response units.

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