Voter Registration Forms

Forms. New York Voter Registration Form. New York City Voter Registration. Federal Voter Registration Form. FPCA (Federal Post Card Application). Ballot by Mail – NY State | State of NJ (see Hudson C…

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Nyack College Response to COVID-19

How is Nyack College responding to COVID-19 CDC Guidelines? Official updates from Nyack College on our response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) can be found at this site :…

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NYC Transit System Student Discounts

Are transportation discounts being considered for students either through civic discounts or through the school directly? Nyack College has a "commuter fund" program sponsored by the Student Governme…

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Obtaining a PATH Train Card

How can students obtain a PATH Train card for travel to the Nyack College Manhattan Campus from Jersey City? Click here to get more information about purchasing a PATH SmartLink card. Although PATH a…

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Student Parking Options

Will Nyack College offer student parking? Students have several options for parking (at their own expense) near Nyack in Manhattan or in Jersey City. Nyack College does not have a parking lot for stu…

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