Identifying My Faculty Advisor

Who are my Faculty Advisors? Your advisor can easily be found on your student portal. Go to the website. Sign in with your Nyack email. Click on Student Portal, as shown below. On the bo…

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Withdrawing from a Class

How do I withdraw from a course? In order to withdraw from a course, you must meet with your Academic Advisor and either complete the course withdrawal form or have the Academic Advisor enter a web a…

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Requesting Student Transcripts

How can I get my transcript? For active students, unofficial transcripts are available through the student portal. Official transcripts are produced by a third party and can be sent physically or ele…

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How to register for classes

To register for classes through the student portal, follow these steps: Go to the website. Sign in with your Nyack email. Click on Student Portal, as shown below. Registration Hold. Clic…

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Where can I find my class schedule?

Your class schedule can be found on the Student Portal. Go to the website. Sign in with your Nyack email. Click on Student Portal as shown below. Click on Academics. My class schedule. S…

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Advisement for Online Registration

Do I have to meet with my Academic Advisor before I register for classes? Y es! You must meet with your Academic Advisor prior to registering for classes. Your Academic Advisor will remove your advis…

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Problems Registering for Classes

What should I do if I'm having problems registering for a class? A few things can impact your ability to register: If you have "holds" on your account, you'll need to address them in order to be gran…

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Getting Connected with Advisors and Registrar

How can I easily connect with my Academic Advisor or the Registrar's Office? You can email your Academic Advisor. This is usually the fastest way to connect with your advisor. Alternatively, you can…

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Tracking Degree Audit

How do I find out how many credits and courses I need to take in order to complete my degree? You can refer to the Nyack College Catalog. There you will find a listing of all the different majors and…

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Application for Transfer Credit Approval

How can I be approved to take a course at another college/institution? You must meet with your Academic Advisor and complete the Application for Transfer Credit Approval. Once completed, you must sub…

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Courses Missing from Edvance360

I just registered for classes, but I can't find them on Edvance360 (E360). What is going on? Generally, your classes should populate on E360 the day after you register. If 24 hours has passed since y…

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Changing Majors

How do I change my major or minor? In order to change your major or minor, you must meet with the head/chair of the department you're interested in. Together with the department head/chair, you will…

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Request for Enrollment Certification

How do I ask for a letter stating that I am a full-time/part-time student at Nyack College? You need to complete the Request for Enrollment Certification form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.…

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