Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

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How can I find a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal article for my assignment?

Here are two approaches (Encore and Databases) to find a scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic journal article.
  1. Go to the library homepage
  1. Approach 1: Search from Encore.
    1. Type the search terms related to your topic into the "Encore" search box and click "search."
    1. When the results are displayed, use the format limiter "refine by" on the left to select "Academic Journals." 
  2. Approach 2: Search directly from a database that is developed specifically toward research in your subject.
    1. Select RESOURCES - Database - Databases by Subject.
    1. Select the appropriate "Database by Subject." Enter your search terms from the selected database. When you see the results, use the limiters to select "Peer Reviewed."

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