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These trips are current as of Fall 2022.

Global Service-Learning: Welcome to Your Study Abroad Experience! - Nyack College

Israel – January 2023 – Geographic and Historic Settings of the Bible

Dr. Steven Notley

Trip Cost: $3,350 plus airfare – Graduate and Undergraduate Credit

Nyack College and ATS invite you to join the 2022 spring break study course to the Holy Land. Our journey is a study of the physical, historical and cultural setting of the land of the Bible in the days of the New Testament. We will give particular attention to how these elements influenced and affected the world in which Jesus lived. The study trip is a focus on historical geography, which is an integration of geography, history, archaeology and ancient literature. Preparatory assigned readings and map studies will maximize the student’s learning experience during their travel from Dan to Beersheba and beyond. Relevant archaeological, historical, and biblical information will be presented in our field study to integrate the student’s learning experience.*Full vaccination documentation required by the Israeli government

Global Service-Learning: Welcome to Your Study Abroad Experience! - Nyack College

Spain – June 2023 – Spiritual Pilgrimage: The Power of Spiritual Journey

Dr. Ron Walbron and Dr. Wanda Walborn

Trip Cost: $3,400 – Undergraduate and Graduate Credit

This course will focus on the spiritual formation that occurs in pilgrimage and journey. Students will engage in a 7-8 day hike of the Camino de Santiago (The Road of Saint James) in Spain. Reading, lectures, and assignments will focus on spiritual transformation in the midst of the journey.

*Pre-trip physical training and a high level of physical fitness will be necessary for the completion of this course. More specifically, students should be capable of walking eight miles a day.

**Full vaccination documentation required by the Spanish government

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“This is Class!” A phrase my students have shouted from the top of the Great Wall of China to Table Rock Mountain in South Africa. It is a reminder that learning cross-culturally is exciting and sometimes so enjoyable we can forget that we are in class. We invite you to be a part of Nyack’s Global Service-Learning courses. Our faculty and students travel to a variety of sites around the world, studying topics in the arts, history, music, bible, theology, business, social work, nursing, and intercultural studies among others. Your classroom might be a Bedouin camp, a medieval basilica, a tropical rainforest, or a remote village. If you are ready for a different classroom experience, consider applying now for one of our GS-L courses. Please check out our course descriptions above, and familiarize yourself with the GS-L application process.

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