Yearly Financial Aid Checklist

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What do I need to do in order to be cleared financially?

Below is the undergraduate checklist. These steps should be completed in sequential order (with some exceptions).

Your account will have a "hold" on it if any of these steps have not been completed.
  1. Have a $0.00 (zero) account balance (or a credit).
  2. Complete your FAFSA.
  3. Complete TAP (if you are a NYS resident).
  4. Speak with your academic advisor so that s/he can create a web alert.
  5. Register for classes by August 15.
  6. If you have been selected for verification, submit all requested documents.
    1. Tax returns and W2’s are required from:
      1. you
      2. your parent(s)
      3. your spouse
    2. A non-filers application is required for anyone who didn't file a tax return last year.
  7. Your financial aid package should be emailed to you. Follow up with your financial aid counselor if you have not received your financial aid package or if you have any questions regarding your bill.
  8. Sign your annual financial bill.
  9. Set up a Nelnet payment (if applicable).
  10. Acknowledge your registration finalization alert. If this is not done by the specified date, your classes may be dropped.



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