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How do I access my courses on the Learning Management System, Edvance360?

To log in, go to my.nyack.edu and use the credentials sent to you by the IT department. Then click on Edvance360.

To access your courses, click on" Courses." All active courses that you are enrolled in will be displayed. 

Click on a course title to visit its home page. This is where you will see any announcements that your professor has posted, a brief description of the course, your professor's information, a “Send Message” for sending a message directly to your professor, and your course syllabus (which includes all the information you will need to successfully complete the course).

Click here for a video guide to logging on to MyNyackSSO and accessing Edvance360.

All schedule changes must be made with the registrar's office/Student Portal. Updates will appear on Edvance360 overnight.

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