Nyack College Apparel

Does Nyack College have an apparel website? Nyack College do not have an online apparel website at this time. But stay tuned, we're working on it!

Updated 1 month ago

Financial Aid Book Vouchers

Can I use Financial Aid to purchase books? The Financial Aid office provides vouchers that can be used to purchase books. Who should I contact about Financial Aid book vouchers? Contact your Student…

Updated 2 years ago

Purchasing Books for Class

Which website should I use to purchase books for my classes? Click here to purchase books for your classes. What should I do if a book I need is not available for purchase? Contact the professor of t…

Updated 2 years ago

Returning Books

How do I return books? Click here for instructions on the process. Can I return books if I used a book voucher provided by Financial Aid? Click here to read the terms and conditions listed. There is…

Updated 2 years ago

Ground Shipping for Books

When do books qualify for free ground shipping? Students can receive free ground shipping the first week the online bookstore is open. If I entered the wrong mailing address, but the order hasn't bee…

Updated 2 years ago

Contact Information for Bookstore

Who should I contact with questions concerning purchases ? Call the online bookstore customer service number at (800) 325-3252. Alternatively, you can send an email via the bookstore message center b…

Updated 2 years ago