Athletic Trainers

Are Athletic Trainer’s present at all practices? An Athletic Trainer is in the athletic training room for all in-season practices that occur within daily training room hours. When a team practices of…

Updated 9 months ago

Locating Athletic Training Room

Where is the Athletic training room located? The Athletic Training Room is located on the 6th floor of the Jersey City residential housing - 150 Bay Street Jersey City, NJ.

Updated 10 months ago

Athletic Team Physician

Does Nyack College have a Team Physician for athletic teams? Yes, Nyack College has a Team Physician who sees all Student-Athletes upon entrance into Nyack College Athletics and for any injuries that…

Updated 10 months ago

Student-Athlete Immunizations

What immunizations do I need to enter Nyack College and what immunizations do I need as a Student-Athlete? Nyack College requires both MMR immunization dates and Meningitis. As a Student-Athlete, we…

Updated 10 months ago

Attending Late to Practice

Will transportation be provided for student athletes who come late to practice due to class? Depending on the time of year coaches may arrange for alternative transportation. Student athletes should…

Updated 10 months ago

Student-Athlete Insurance

Is there medical insurance for me as a Student-Athlete? Yes, there is an Intercollegiate Athletic Medical Insurance for all Student-Athletes that covers any accident/injury that occurs while practici…

Updated 10 months ago

Athletic Medical Forms

Is the "Doctor Physical" in the Athletic Medical Form the same for student athletes as the physical form requested from my admissions counselor as part of my admission to Nyack College? No , all inco…

Updated 10 months ago